Why Is Your Home Infested with Ants?

Why Is Your Home Infested with Ants?

When you see them in movies, they’re endearing. Inside your home, they make your skin crawl. Ants don’t only live in cute little underground communities working diligently to stock up for the winter. They also make their way into homes. Many people confuse ants and termites. After all, they both have antennae. Experts at the leading termite control service in Mobile, AL, share the primary reasons why you have ants in your home. You’ll also learn the main difference between ants and termites.

The Difference between Ants and Termites

When you see an ant, you’ll know it—or will you? It’s not unusual for a person to mistake a termite for an ant and vice versa. Ants are easy to identify. Look for a distinct head, thorax, and abdomen. Ants also have a pair of antennae. They come in an array of colors, including black, brown, yellow, and red. It’s only winged ants that can be confused with termites. You can tell the difference by looking at their antennae. Ants have bent antennae while the antennae of termites are straight. Their waistlines are different too. Ants are narrow waisted while termites have broad waists. Next, we’ll find out why they like visiting your home.

Ants Love Our Food

It makes sense to find ants marching across the tablecloth at a picnic. Ants share some of the same tastes in food as humans and their friends. These pests eat starches, meat, and sweets, especially cookie and cake crumbs. Humans and their pets provide ants with an effortless banquet, so it’s no wonder they infest our homes. They also crave liquids. As you’ll see next, they can easily find plenty of moisture inside your home.

Ants Need Water to Survive

Ants can’t live with moisture. We give them easy access to it both inside and outside our homes. Starting outside, if gutters and downspouts don’t properly direct rainwater away from the house, they help create an ideal environment for ants. Also outside, if there’s a leaky spigot, it’s an invitation for ants. Once they’re inside, ants follow the water trail to areas under sinks. Forget to wipe up spilled juice or other drinks, and you give them even more incentive to hang out inside your home.

We Give Them an Easy Way In

You may not be able to keep every ant from coming inside, but you can create a barrier that helps prevent infestations. Worker ants get inside through tiny openings around the exterior of your home. Whether it’s a hole cut for cable TV, gaps in the siding, or cracks around windows and door frames, they find them and march right in! Take some time and seal off any openings to prevent their entry.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Knowing how much they love our food, their need for water, and the fact that they creep in through the tiniest openings, we can discourage them by not making their lives easy. Cover food in a closed container. Avoid leaving food lying around and clean up crumbs and spills. Eliminate excess moisture and seal off entry points. What do you do if, despite your hard work, you still have ants in your home? It’s time to call a pest control company. Bama Pest Control offers the best termite control in Mobile, AL, and can also rid your home of ants and other pests. Schedule service here or call us at (251) 478-7015.