Types of Outdoor Pests in Alabama Winter

Types of Outdoor Pests in Alabama Winter

Pest Control in Mobile County, AL

Winter isn’t the only season that can give you pest troubles. Sure, winter is a colder time of year, which means that you’re less likely to find ants on the sidewalk and flies buzzing around you outdoors, but not all pests are safely hibernated away in the winter.

In fact, for some pests, their hibernation instinct is exactly the problem.

If you live in Alabama, you may not have to suffer through chilly winters, but you definitely have to deal with certain pests, at least until you count on pest control in Mobile County, Alabama for a solution. Their pest control methods, ability to spot pest activity and specialized extermination technology can keep homes safe from pests year-round.

Here are the most common pest problems you’re likely to have in the winter.


These unsightly marsupials are a menace to homes year-round. They tend to gravitate toward human neighborhoods in order to rummage through outdoor trash cans, barbecue pits, pet food bowls, and other areas that may serve as easy feeding grounds.

Opossums may try to hibernate or even nest inside your house, especially in crawl spaces and attics. The best pest control will be able to identify the signs of possum activity and will safely remove these pests, which often carry rabies and can bite if threatened, out of your home.

Opossum sitting on tree


Roaches may also attempt to hide from the chilly temperatures outdoors by sneaking into homes, where warm temperatures are moderated and they can nest in peace. Cockroaches can sneak in through unbelievably small cracks and holes. If your home has drafty windows and doors, cockroaches will sense the warmth from outdoors and will happily crawl in and build a nest somewhere dark and unsuspecting. They’ll then spread to your food supply and plumbing, where they’ll discretely get food and water. All the while, they can spread salmonella throughout your home.

A good pest control provider can identify the signs of cockroach infestations in hiding spots like the space between your walls or in your plumbing. Then, they can eliminate nests and prevent future invaders.

Giant Resin Bees

These invasive bees have been spotted in Alabama once since the 1990s, but they have quickly spread to take over other swarming insects’ nests. These bees aren’t just aggressive stingers, they’re quick and building enormous nests near unsuspecting homeowners. They’ll often take over the holes and nests left behind by carpenter bees. Giant resin bees can be found in attics, on exterior walls, under roof eaves, and in other areas where you really don’t want swarms of painful stingers.

Call pest control providers as soon as possible if you find giant resin bees, notable for their large size and black abdomens. They’re dangerous and will need to be removed from your home with professional care.

There are many other pests that pest control companies have identified during winter months, from spiders to mice, and so many more. But while there are so many pests to be wary of, there’s one solution you can put your confidence in Bama Pest Control, your top resource for fast and effective pest control in Saraland, Alabama.