Tips for Protecting Your Deck from Termites

Tips for Protecting Your Deck from Termites

Your home is not only an expensive investment, it is also your sanctuary and your space to make your own. Having it invaded by termites is a huge pain. They cause expensive and dangerous damage as they eat their way through your home, especially to deck areas that are made of wood. By causing damage that may need extensive repairs and creating weaknesses in weight-bearing areas, termites can cost you a pretty penny and make your deck unsafe. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent them from taking over in the first place, and there are also pest control options to help you get an existing termite infestation eradicated. Read on to learn about the types of wood you should choose when building a new deck, maintenance tips for keeping termites away, and treatment options to get if they still find their way into your deck.

Use the Right Materials

The first thing you can do to keep your deck termite free is to choose the right materials in the first place. Certain woods appeal more to the insects, while others are more termite-resistant. Hardwoods and pressure-treated woods are great for termite prevention since they tend not to be their first choice for a meal. When building out your deck, prevent wood-to-ground contact that allows subterranean termites easy access to the deck. Wood can also be treated to make it less accessible and appetizing to termites. 

Proper Maintenance

No matter what your deck is made from, keeping it in good shape is important for keeping the termites away. Regular and thorough maintenance that includes keeping things clean, fixing any cracks, and performing any other necessary repairs will make your deck less appealing to termites.  Cracks, holes, and other openings are usually the access point through which the termites enter the wood and start eating. The better you maintain the space, the less likely you are to develop a termite problem, since you’ll essentially be denying them access.  

Minimize Moisture

Termites, like all living creatures, are constantly on the hunt for food and water. By minimizing the moisture in your deck, you remove one of those essentials and make it less hospitable to termites. Check for and repair any leaks, make sure rain and storms don’t create standing water, and generally keep things as dry as possible in order to prevent termites from making your deck their home. Seal gaps around water or gas lines to prevent moisture from entering the wood that way.  

Pest Control Treatments

Of course, for both preventing termite invasions and treating existing termite problems, getting a pest control expert to come in and treat the area with professional treatments is your best bet. Most people choose to get on an annual treatment plan to prevent expensive and damaging termite problems. Having the area inspected for termite activity by a trained professional will help identify any problems and have them dealt with immediately. An experienced pest control pro can help you work through potential problems like excess moisture, areas where wood makes contact with the ground, etc. This will help to prevent future termite problems.

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