Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

The thought of any pest taking up residence in your home can be sickening, but bed bugs are one of the most feared pests because they’re notorious for spreading easily and being difficult to completely remove from your home. Fortunately, there are effective methods of bed bug pest control in Mobile, AL, that can treat an infestation. An important component of effective bed bug control is knowing when you have an infestation so that you can call the professionals for help right away. Here’s what you need to watch for.


It’s probably no secret to you that bed bugs feed on human blood for nourishment. That’s why many people will find small bloodstains on their sheets of bedding. The bed bugs inject an anticoagulant when they feed on humans, which helps the blood flow better while the bugs are feeding. That makes it easier for blood droplets to form and then get smeared onto the sheets. The bloodstains also occur because the bed bugs are often crushed while feeding when you move around in bed. These stains will be more noticeable if you have light-colored bedding.

Rust-Colored Spots

Another stain to watch for on your bedding is rust-colored stains. These are stains from the bed bugs’ feces, and if you notice them early enough, they may smear when touched. The spots look similar to those left by a felt-tipped marker. Since bed bugs can live within a few feet of the area they feed in, you may notice these fecal stains in other areas of your room. They might be on the walls, baseboards, and other furniture in the room. When the fecal stains are on hard surfaces, they look more like black spots rather than smeared, rust-colored spots.

Itchy Spots

Bites from bed bugs typically aren’t painful, but they can definitely cause some discomfort. A good percentage of people with bed bug bites might not notice anything, but others react to the bites and end up with itchy spots that look like other typical bug bites. If you suspect the bites on your skin are from bed bugs, pay attention to the patterns. They often appear in a line with a series of three or four bites.


Part of the bed bug life cycle is to shed the skin, or exoskeleton, which protects the underlying muscles and organs. The bed bugs go through this shedding or molting process when they grow too large to fit into the old shell. The exoskeletons are left behind, so if you notice tan-colored shells along baseboards, in furniture seams, or in the creases of mattresses, there’s a good chance that you have an infestation.

Sickly, Sweet Aroma

You may also be able to smell a bed bug infestation. In most cases, you’ll only notice this aroma when bed bugs have been crushed or when the infestation is quite serious. The smell is sweet yet sickly. The smell might be similar to almonds or coriander or smell like overripe or rotting raspberries.

Visual Bed Bugs

Finally, a visual inspection may reveal the bugs themselves. The bugs are flat, oval, and tan or brown colored. They’re small, but if you look in typical hiding places, such as in mattress seams, baseboards, and furniture seams, you may be able to locate them. If you do, be sure to contact Bama Pest Control to get effective bed bug treatment in Mobile, AL, today.