Wildlife Control – Mobile, AL

Wildlife Control – Mobile, AL

Beedy Bug says, “Bye-bye my 4-legged friends!”

Wildlife Control:

Our goal is to provide the most professional and comprehensive animal removal and wildlife control services. We offer  control and removal of urban wildlife and animal conflicts while providing excellent customer service, safety for your home or office and a healthy environment for you and your family. We utilize the latest wildlife pest control removal technology to provide responsible animal control solutions.

Animal Removal, Wildlife Trapping & Relocation:

Have a nuisance animal in your home or business? Bama Pest Control can help!  We will perform a detailed inspection to determine the type of nuisance animal, and the best approach to trap and remove that animal. Of course, all of the trapping, deodorizing, repelling, etc. in the world isn’t as effective as physically restricting the animals from entering the building through animal exclusions & damage repair. Bama Pest Control will perform an inspection and provide a written quote for wildlife control services.

Animal Exclusions & Damage Repair:

Say good-bye to the bad guy!
Bama Pest Control can close the door on those unwelcome pests!

With every thorough building inspection, you will receive a written estimate for all animal removal, exclusion and damage repair work necessary. Every entry point into your building will be located and properly sealed by trained professionals.

Bama Pest Control offers Gulf Coast residence the most comprehensive animal removal, exclusion and damage repair techniques available today! With the use of galvanized hardware cloth, copper mesh, IPF foam, and sheet metal to seal the entry points, animals don’t stand a chance at entering your home or business. Whether your problem is a small or large, Bama Pest Control has the solution, including bed bug control, termite control, and more. Once the job is complete, you will be provided with a written warranty.

Dead Animal Removal Service:

Do you believe you have a dead animal in your home or business? We locate and remove the animal, then we take the steps to disinfect the contaminated area and eliminate odor. It is also important to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry and take the proper steps to prevent future problems in your home or office in wildlife animal control services. Dead animal removal is a unique service that requires special skills and Bama Pest Control professionals are some of the best around!

Animal Waste Clean-up & Insulation Replacement:

Bama Pest Control can remove soiled attic insulation, bio-hazardous excrement, nesting materials, etc., decontaminate the attic, and install new insulation in the attic.

This service will reclaim your attic space and make your attic energy efficient.

Snake Repellent:

Bama Pest Control offers the only EPA registered and university tested products that are proven to repel most species of snakes. Of course, repellents are only temporary animal removal solutions.

If you have a animal problem at you home or business in or near Mobile, AL, give the Professionals at Bama Pest Control a call today.

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