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Rain Mover Gutter Protection Mobile, AL

Our Rain Mover Gutter Protection System is a unique high quality, low cost, fiber filter that installs along the gutter line and over the hangers or spikes. The patent pending design is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic fiber. Unlike the popular triangle shaped foam filter inserts our Rain Mover  is not placed into the gutter below the gutter hangers, it therefore, cannot interfere with the water flow through the gutter and it will not collect debris as the Foam filters do because they are below the gutter line. Rain Mover sits above the effective water line thus always allowing for a clear flowing channel to the downspout. It is also strong and durable and able to withstand the compressive forces of heavy debris such as pine straw. Because Rain Mover sits high on the gutter and slopes forward it has excellent debris shedding ability. Leaves are able to move off the gutter with great ease because the filter sits slightly higher than the front lip of the gutter. Rain Mover also provides excellent protection against mosquitoes and other pests that would like to live or breed in the gutter, this is very important protection as the gutter is a primary place around the home where mosquitoes breed. Gutters can quickly become a large water container and it is a short step from there to it becoming a real live swamp. Gutter over flow and standing water can also have an adverse effect on the foundation and basement of the home where dampness can foster an environment for termites and other invasive pests and for the growth of mold and mildew.

Most people consider cleaning gutters to be the nastiest job on their “to do” list, they can be high up, dirty, smelly, and full of all kinds of creatures. So Gutter cleaning is often postponed at the first suggestion. Homeowners who do clean their gutters are also a greater risk of injury from ladder falls. Inexperience on a ladder can be deadly dangerous. Home owners have no business high up on a ladder or on a roof cleaning gutters.

Because Rain Mover prevents mosquitoes and other bugs from entering into the bottom of the gutter to breed, you have now eliminated a major breeding site close to your home and children.

Rain Mover permanently keeps gutters clean and when installed complete with a thorough mosquito program it can virtually assure you of a comfortable outdoor experience around your home and yard.

is made from PET, which is recycled plastic water bottles, plastic milk cartons, soft drink bottles etc. They are melted, treated and then reformed into fiber sheets. This environmentally sustainable use of discarded plastic containers is a practical application of recycling and can contribute immensely to a reduction in the quantity of plastics going into landfills and it reduces our carbon footprint in general.

Rain Mover comes with a 20 year No-clog and material warranty.

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