Annual Termite Renewal

Beedy Bug

Beedy bug reports ” Termites beware!”

Renewing your termite protection plan

Most peoples’ home is their largest investment:

Termites cause more damage to homes in the United States than fires, tornadoes and hurricanes combined. Yet termite damage is not covered by homeowner policies. That’s why renewing your termite protection plan and having your annual termite treatment are so important.

It is a common misconception that an “annual contract” implies re-treatment on an annual basis. This is not how an annual contract works.  Annual treatments are actually illegal under state and federal law, unless evidence of termite activity is present.

If you have a current termite contract with us, then Bama Pest Control will provide treatments only if we can detect evidence of termite activity.

Termite treatments carry an automatic one-year guarantee. After one year, the contract is up for renewal annually.

Termites are always present in nature, but that does not mean they are always attacking our homes. However, it does mean there is a chance they will attack and that every home is at risk.

Do I need my home or office termite treated:

After a complete and comprehensive inspection. If treatment is necessary, we will custom tailor a treatment program to best fit your home or business. Liquid or baits? And what type of liquid or bait? Drilling or no drilling or wall injection foaming? Many companies utilize only one treatment type and brand of technology to control termites under/in your home or work place. Bama Pest Control professionals are trained in all the leading termite control methods and can provide the entire termite control options; baits, liquid/ bait, liquids, monitoring stations. We recommend The Bama Promise utilizing two methods simultaneously to ensure initial control and on-going monitoring.

Will be here tomorrow:

When dealing with termite control, it is very important to make sure that the company you’re dealing with will be around  if you need them. You also want to make sure that their general liability insurance is more than the state minimum required per year. It’s wise to choose a company like Bama Pest Control that has one million dollars of general liability insurance, just in case. Selecting an termite professional to cover your home or business is a long term commitment. A commitment of this nature is only as strong as the company making it.

Make the right choice and choose Bama Pest Control for your termite control needs.

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