Pest Control Treatment: Tips for Preparing Your Home

Pest Control Treatment: Tips for Preparing Your Home

You’ve detected a pest problem in your home. You’ve seen cockroaches or mice droppings, or you’ve spotted signs of bed bugs. It’s time to call for pest control in Saraland, Alabama. For better results in your treatment, work with your pest control professionals. There are steps you can take to prepare your home before the pest control treatment.


Treatment for cockroaches includes placing small beads of gel bait where cockroaches are known to exist or where they may travel in your home. Before the pest control professional arrives, you should clean your home. Eliminate possible food sources, such as crumbs on the floor so that the cockroaches will take the bait. Let your pest control company know if someone in your home suffers from allergies, is pregnant, or is under one year old. Your pest control professional will let you know how long your family and your pets should stay away from the treated area.


Your pet can pick up fleas while outside and bring them into your house. At the same time as you have your home and yard treated for fleas, get relief from fleas for your pets. Steps you need to take before treatment for fleas include washing pet bedding in hot water, vacuuming carpeting, mopping floors, and cleaning or vacuuming furniture. Make sure to clean under beds and furniture. Remove your pets’ food and water bowls as well as litter boxes. Cut your grass the day before the pest control professional arrives, and clean outside areas your pet accesses. Close all windows and doors before the treatment.


To get rid of ants, a pest control professional will place the bait, small beads of gel, on pieces of cardboard or in a bait station in the areas where you’ve seen ants. To prepare for the treatment, you should clean up any spills, vacuum thoroughly, and store food in containers.


Get pest control at the first sign of a mouse. You may only see one mouse, but others may also be hiding—in your walls, floors, or stored boxes. Before the pest control professional arrives, look for possible entry points for the mice or rats. Repair any holes in your baseboards or walls and seal any doors that don’t shut securely. If you spotted a rodent in the kitchen, clean the top of your refrigerator or clean beneath your sink. The pest control technician will need access to these areas.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to control. To prepare for a bed bug treatment, you should remove all bedding and wash bed linens in hot water. Remove all personal items, like clothes, toys, and shoes, from the furniture and floor. Bed bug pest control requires your cooperation to make sure the problem is eradicated.



Termites come in different species, and a pest control professional will know what treatment works for the type of termites you have. Before the treatment, remove all furniture, appliances, and other stored material from the interior walls where treatment is needed. Termite treatment may involve drilling into walls or ceilings. So, for example, if a closet is being treated, remove clothing, and cover other contents to protect them from the dust generated during the treatment.

Call Bama Pest Control at (251) 478-7015 at the first sign of pests in your home. Working with your pest control professional, you can make the treatment more effective and lessen the possibility that your pest problem will return.