Fruit Flies

Fruit Fly Control Mobile, AL

Fruit Flies

They’re pesky, carry contaminants, and are notoriously difficult to eliminate: fruit flies. Infestations of these agile and fast-breeding flying insects can be found in homes, restaurants, supermarkets, and virtually anywhere else that they find rotting food. If you need fruit flies pest control at your home or business, or just want to learn how to prevent fruit flies infestations, read on to learn more about these dangerous insects.

Adult fruit flies are easy to identify; they’re only about ⅛ inch long, with large, red eyes and half-tan, half-black bodies. Though they seek out food in your home or business, they can also successfully live and reproduce inside of drains, garbage disposals, trash cans, discarded food containers, and even damp cleaning supplies like mops and rags. All they need is a thin film of moist, organic matter in order to survive and reproduce.

They lay their eggs just under the surface of fermenting foods, though they prefer sugary fruits like bananas and apples. Just about any moist, organic waste will appeal to them. The eggs will hatch directly inside of fermenting foods, where larvae will immediately begin eating.

Their reproductive process is alarmingly quick. Female fruit flies will lay up to 500 eggs at a time, and the life cycle of egg to adult is typically completed in about a week. This fast growth cycle is responsible for sudden infestations. A single set of fruit flies in your home can explode into an infestation of flies in a matter of days.

So, how do they get into your home to begin with? They can enter your home with you, rushing in through an open doorway, but they can also slip through holes in window and door screens. Shockingly, you can easily bring fruit flies indoors with you. They can infest produce foods that you bring home from the grocery store or take into work for lunch, then reproduce once the larvae inside reach adulthood.

While they’re typically considered nuisance pests because they don’t bite or sting, they can potentially contaminate food with deadly bacteria like salmonella, which they can carry with them and spread on various foods and surfaces.

As with most pests, the best form of fruit fly control is prevention. You can deter fruit flies by eating produce right away, keeping it stored in tight containers or the refrigerator, and discarding food waste immediately. Cracked or otherwise damaged portions of fruits and vegetables should be cut away and discarded as a caution against consuming fruit fly eggs or larvae. Attach tightly fitted 16-mesh screens to all windows and doors to block adult fruit flies.

If you need a professional fruit flies treatment in Mobile, AL, contact Bama Pest Control for a thorough and effective solution. Our team uses several measures, including an extensive on-site inspection, to identify and eliminate pests.