Earwigs Control Mobile, AL


Unsightly and unusual, earwigs are outdoor insects that prefer damp environments and feed on dead plant matter. Though they prefer dry vegetation, they may damage living flower and vegetable plants in your garden.

They don’t carry diseases, leave behind clutter like webs or nests, nor bite humans. Contrary to the popular myth that gives them their name, they don’t crawl inside your ears. In fact, they’re some of the most harmless pests you may encounter.

However, they may invade your home to seek out damp areas like your bathtub or sink, particularly the European Earwig species. After a wet spring, earwig populations boom.

While they may be virtually harmless, earwigs have no business entering your home. If you want assistance with earwigs control, contact Bama Pest Control in Mobile, AL, today. We perform extensive on-site inspections, then will perform the proper earwigs treatment as necessary to eliminate them from the premises.