Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider Control Mobile, AL

Black Widow Spider

They’re among the most dangerous spiders in America, and they have a bad habit of hanging around the areas you and your family occupy. Welcome to Bama Pest Control, where we eliminate dangerous pests like black widow spiders in Mobile, Baldwin, or Washington County.

Are you worried about black widow spiders in your home or yard? Here is some valuable information about these pests.

Typical of all spiders, black widows have 8 legs. However, males and females tend to look very different. While the males are light gray with reddish-brown, yellow, or white stripes down their backs, and are only up to 30 mm long, the female black widow is the more threatening arachnid you’re probably imagining. Growing up to 40 mm long, with black, globular abdomens and their signature red hourglass to warn all who see them, females are more of a concern.

While male black widows aren’t known to bite humans, the female black widow spider may bite, with terrible results. Female black widows are incredibly venomous–their venom is 15 times more potent than that of a rattlesnake. While their bites may be only mildly painful, as the poison sets in, extreme pain will spread to your chest, back, abdomen, and extremities. Symptoms such as chills, vomiting, trouble respirating, profuse perspiration, delirium, partial paralysis, violent abdominal cramps, and spasms may occur within a few hours after being bitten.

While the victim of a black widow spider bite may recover in up to 5 days, 1 in 20 black widow attacks are fatal to humans.

They feed primarily on insects and other arachnids. However, they may bite other people or animals with little disturbance. Black widows are frequently found hiding in dark sheltered areas, like garages, piles of lumber, discarded plant matter, and dense bushes. In seasons of cold weather or heavy rains, black widows will seek dry, warm environments like your home.

In springtime, male black widows will court females, after which, mating occurs. Soon afterward, the female kills her mate, the act that gives these spiders their ominous name. The female black widow can lay up to 15 silk egg sacks at a time, each of which contains up to 900 egg. She will lay eggs in full-shaped balls that she suspends from her web, where she will protect them. After about a month, the eggs hatch.

The young nymphs are ghost-white and cannibalistic when they hatch. They then develop into a grayish appearance like an adult male after up to 3 months of growth.

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