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Bed bugs are a parasite that prefer to feed on human blood and are most commonly found in warm, tight spaces within a home. The bedroom is an ideal resting place for bed bugs due to the number of spots they can dwell in. While these parasites were virtually eradicated from the United States due to the widespread use of pesticides, they’ve reemerged as one of the most prevalent pests in the country. Their reemergence can be attributed to their stealthy behavior as well as a general lack of public awareness regarding bed bug pest control. The recent developments in pest management practices also allowed bed bugs to resurge. For example, hotels used to regularly use pesticides in their rooms to keep away bed bugs. Now, bed bug treatment methods are limited to bait traps that are only placed once an infestation has been detected. This allows bed bugs to move safely and successfully start infesting a room. Bed bugs are able to move efficiently through residential properties and reside in homes without ever being detected. Most commonly found in urban areas, bed bugs have an incredibly easy time spreading throughout properties without facing any threats. Their success is likely a result of increased travel among the general population and a lack of treatment methods that fail to target bed bugs specifically. Ultimately, the best bed bug control methods start with homeowners acting themselves.

After mating, female bed bugs lay oval, white eggs into tight cracks and crevices. Since these areas usually aren’t checked regularly, bed bugs have found these spaces to serve as sufficient breeding grounds. One female bed bug can lay up to 250 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs of bed bugs will usually hatch in a week’s time, after which the newborn bed bugs will be yearning for a blood meal. Assuming they’re able to feed, bed bugs will shed their outer exoskeleton five times before reaching adulthood in order to grow. Without feeding every so often, bed bugs aren’t able to grow and reproduce as successfully.

It’s no wonder why bed bugs have chosen bedrooms as their ideal resting place since sleeping humans make for easy targets. When bed bugs sense that the room is still, they’ll emerge from their hiding places in search of exposed skin. They tend to bite humans around the head and neck, but also will go for arms, hands, and legs if they’re able to. Once an appropriate feeding site has been found, they’ll feed for roughly 2-5 minutes, or until they’ll full. Once they’ve taken in a sufficient amount of blood, they’ll quickly retreat back to their hiding places.

Not only is it difficult to spot bed bugs with the naked eye, but the bites they leave also can be hard to detect right away. Even if someone does notice a bite on their skin, they’ll likely chalk it up to a different pest. This only facilitates the ease with which bed bugs are able to thrive. While some individuals will experience severe rashes after being bitten by a bed bug, others will display no symptoms whatsoever. This makes it easy for them to overlook bed bugs signs.

You’re likely not an expert in bed bug pest control. When it comes to detecting bed bugs, your first step should be to thoroughly inspect your bedroom. This includes looking behind bed boards, mirrors, and other tight spaces that aren’t in plain sight. Bed bugs often can be found in box springs, mattresses, tufts, folds, and buttons on your mattress. You should also inspect your luggage, as it’s possible you may have brought bed bugs home with you from your last trip. Don’t forget to check the furniture around your home as well. Bed bugs often reside behind desks, chairs, clocks, and even wallpaper. While it may be contrary to their name, bed bugs can be found in any room within your home. This means you should be checking your bathrooms, living room, and laundry room for any signs of bed bugs. You should also keep an eye out for dark red spots on your bed sheets and/or pillowcases.

The surest way to avoid the medical issues bed bugs can cause is to keep them from infesting your home in the first place. For quality bed bug control in Mobile, AL, contact Bama Pest Control. We can provide you with peace of mind knowing your home is pest-free. We’ll perform a thorough on-site inspection of your home and provide proven bed bug treatment methods. We proudly serve the Mobile, AL, area.

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