Hiring a Professional for a Snake Infestation

Hiring a Professional for a Snake Infestation

Snakes are some of the most universally feared animals on the planet (by humans and the rest of the animal kingdom alike). These scaly, legless reptiles can be found around the world, including your own neighborhood. If you happen to find a snake of any size on your property, you should contact Bama Pest Control right away. Here’s some valuable information on snake infestations, what to do about them, and why contacting a professional wildlife pest control team is always the best answer.

The Pros Don’t Panic

It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter a venomous snake on your property. Most snakes in the area are non-venomous and completely safe if left alone. While there are some varieties of snakes, like water moccasins, that live locally, they tend to avoid living near humans. In fact, nearly all snake species prefer to isolate themselves from human activity. However, they don’t have to go very far. Snakes might inhabit crawl spaces, basements, sheds, and even vegetation.

If you see a snake, don’t panic. It’s rare for a snake to actually pursue a human and be aggressive toward them. However, if you find a snake, it’s important to remain calm. Make sure you’re safely away from the snake, and call Bama Pest Control.  If you don’t know whether or not the snake is venomous,  you don’t want to risk removing it from your property yourself. This is one of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional to handle snake infestations.

The Pros Help Prevent Further Incidents

While some homes can support snake infestations due to their architecture, including mobile homes and homes with crawl spaces, there are other ways that you might be attracting snake infestations. If your yard has tall weeds, large shrubbery, or piles of wood and other outdoor clutter, you’re unknowingly providing snakes with their ideal living environments.

One of the best ways that wildlife control, removal, and prevention teams can help you is by assessing the risk on your property and providing preventative measures. They can also offer advice on deterring wildlife. For instance, did you know that snakes may actually be attracted to outdoor appliances like air conditioners?

Snakes eat a variety of insects, smaller reptiles, small mammals, and nearly any other animal that they can fit in their mouths. This means that there’s really no way to eliminate every food source of these resourceful reptiles. However, if you keep your yard free of other pests like rats and raccoons, you give snakes less incentive to visit your property and even nest there.

Snake with Garden Hose

The Pros Work at Bama Pest Control

The risks of trying DIY snake removal hardly need to be touched on. Snakes have painful bites, even if they may not be venomous. However, the risk alone is too high for you to potentially become afflicted by snake venom. So who should you call? Bama Pest Control. If you’ve spotted a nest of snakes anywhere on your property, back away, go to a safe location, then call us right away. We offer specialized wildlife control services, including trapping and safe removal of snakes. Call us to learn more about our wildlife control services in Saraland, AL.