Guide to Preparing for Bed Bug Service

Guide to Preparing for Bed Bug Service

Bed bugs are among the most fearsome pests. These bloodsucking, fast-reproducing, swarming insects can feel like a plague if they infest your home, especially because they’re so hard to eliminate. Other pets, like roaches and ants, just need some professional-grade pesticide spray to kill existing bugs and keep future pests out.

But bed bug treatments are out there. They’re just more complex and intensive than virtually any other pest control method. If you’re in need of bed bug control in Mobile, AL, call a local pesticide specialist. Just be sure to ask about these tiny bloodsuckers; not every exterminator offers bed bug control.

Then, prepare your home for a bed bug deep-cleaning. Read on to find out more about how bed bug control methods work and what you can do to prepare your home for this vital service.

Stopping the Swarm

Bed bugs reproduce extremely quickly, multiplying their population several times in a matter of weeks. Worse, they have a habit of nesting in almost impossibly small areas like gaps in floorboards, small openings in your mattress, and the roots of fibers in a rug or carpet.

That’s where heat comes in. The best bed bug control methods use heat treatments to zap bed bugs. It works because there’s nowhere to hide from deadly temperatures. Bed bugs can conceal themselves away from topical pesticides and don’t fall for traps, but heat eliminates the adults, eggs, and other bed bugs so the entire swarm can disappear.

Prepare Your Family

Because eliminating bed bugs means cranking up indoor heat with specialized heating machines, you’ll need to temporarily move out of your home. Plan to live elsewhere for up to 3 weeks while bed bug specialists work to stop the storm. Take all pets and indoor plants with you, too.

Take Care of Clothes and Linens

Wash all clothes and linens in your home–yes, every single thing. Wash everything in the hottest possible temperature and then put clean clothes and linens in airtight bags. Throw out any clothes or linens that you can do without.

Tidy Up

Next, remove personal items that aren’t heat-resistant and clean up all clutter from the floor. Empty drawers, cabinets, and closets. You can place everything on tabletops, in bathtubs, and on counters. The goal is to give bed bugs as few places as possible to hide from extermination.

Shift Your Furniture

Then, move all of your furniture away from the walls. Try to place everything toward the center of the room. Take down wall decor and remove it if possible. If you see bed bugs, move on to the next step.


Vacuum every area where you have seen bed bugs, eggs, or tiny black spots that could be their droppings. Vacuum rugs, floors, the backs of picture frames, and baseboards. Empty the vacuum immediately into an outdoor garbage bin and close the lid.

Waiting Game

Once the bed bug exterminators arrive, leave your home and allow them to do their work. It may take up to 3 weeks for the treatment to eliminate all bed bugs. However, it’s important not to move back in too soon. Bed bug treatments are only effective if they kill the entire nest.

Leave bed bug pest control in Mobile, AL, to the professionals. Call Bama Pest Control immediately if you find these fearsome pests in your home.