Common Types of Flies and the Threats They Pose

Common Types of Flies and the Threats They Pose

It’s common to think of summer as the most aggressive pest season. Flies and other annoying pests seem to be everywhere you go! But winter can actually be a difficult time for homeowners too. That’s because flies may use your home as a warm place to hibernate away from the chilly weather—and you have a nicely stocked pantry in which they can dine all winter!

It’s helpful for homeowners to know the most common types of flies that may pester your home and the types of threats they can pose to your home and health. The best pest control methods begin with knowledge of your threats, so read on to learn more about common fly species.


The most common and well-known type of fly found in American homes, the housefly is your classic black fly with large, red eyes and two transparent wings. They have evolved to live among humans and share in their food supplies. However, houseflies also love to dine on some nasty substances including animal waste and carcasses. While this can be beneficial—it helps to break down organic matter to spur new plant growth—houseflies can contaminate surfaces in your home. They can also contaminate exposed food and drink containers.

Fruit Flies

Famously annoying and difficult to eliminate, fruit flies are small, honey yellow flies with red eyes. They’re often confused for gnats because they’re so much smaller than houseflies. Fruit flies are attracted to fermenting food, especially sweet fruit. One of the most common ways people attract fruit flies is by allowing produce in open bowls or pantries to rot. Fruit flies then move in to break down this rotten fruit, contaminating surfaces as they travel. Fruit flies also reproduce incredibly quickly. In a matter of weeks, hundreds of flies can infest your home. Fruit fly pest control requires quickly and thoroughly eliminating all adults, eggs, and larvae.

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Drain Flies

Another pest that often requires professional pest control intervention, the drain fly is a particularly stubborn pest. These relatively large black flies have dark wings and a furry appearance that makes them resemble tiny moths. As their name suggests, they tend to nest in drains, though you may seem these somewhat inactive flies resting on vertical surfaces. They dine on the grime and moldy film that develops on dirty appliances and in drains. While they don’t bite or carry diseases, they can spread illness as they move between water-holding appliances, including dirty sinks, toilets, and shower drains. They’re famously difficult to kill too. Even common home remedies, such as pouring boiling water and vinegar down the drains they inhabit, may be ineffective.

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